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CJR Daily/Campaign Desk

Through August 2006

Some highlights from my time at CJR Daily


How the candidates beat up the campaign press during Election 2004.

TV in the Dark

How can you measure who’s watching TV when people aren’t watching the way they used to?

New Looks for the Old Guard (PDF)

What the Washington Post and New York Times are doing online.

Sign of the Times

How editors decide what goes on the Los Angeles Times’ front page.

All the News That’s Fit to Spin

How CBS’s news division became part of its post-Bush-National-Guard-story PR machine.

Mary Mapes: Still Defending Her Assassin

A CBS can’t quite keep her story straight about how she got it so wrong.

Time to Stop Playing Ball

Are college football coaches gaming the polls?

I’ll See Your 8.2, and Raise You 0.5

How earthquakes are measured, and why different outlets report different magnitudes.

George Clooney and Grant Heslov on Ed Murrow

The actor/writer/director team talks about Good Night, and Good Luck.